Loans with No Guarantor

Loans with no guarantor are a unique type of loan. They allow you to get a short term loan without having to get someone to guarantee or co-sign the repayment of the loan. This, therefore, leaves you with complete responsibility for paying back the loan. At PM Loans, you get to choose between no guarantor loans, cash loans, bad credit loans and short term loans. Your privacy is protected as your borrowing agreements remains between only you and the lender.

Why choose PM Loans?

PM Loans aren’t just a direct lender, we are a broker as well. Thus, providing you with reach to a varied and wide range of different lenders and products. Our lender panel is one of the largest panels in the United Kingdom. We provide no guarantor loans which amounts that start from as little as £50 up to £1500. Not to mention, you get the variety of different repayment periods to pick, from 1 month to 12 months.

Not to mention, we provide budgeting and saving tips on our blog. These tips give you the keys to using your loan to optimal levels – giving you the efficiency you need. They cover topics including money management as well as credit score improvement. Also, you have foreseeability with the loan/interest amounts with our online loan calculator.

Can I be still be approved for a Loan with No Guarantor if my credit is poor?

You may still apply for a no guarantor PMLoan if your credit score is poor. This can work in your favour as it gives you an opportunity to show potential creditors that you’re capable of taking out and repaying loans timely and in full.

Here at PM Loans, we advise that the loan is used to cover finances when they’re in an emergency state. No guarantor loans aren’t a suitable resolution for long term debt issues. This is as we currently design our loan solutions for short term monetary support. Non-guarantor loans are useful in instances like covering an income gap. Best payday loans can also be used to handle necessities, essentials and unexpected bills so you can comfortably be as productive as normal until your next payday arrives.

How do Loans with No Guarantor work?

After applying for one of our no guarantor loans, you’ll be responded to on the next working day if not the same day with a decision for your application. We believe that ‘your most important work is ahead of you, never behind you’ as Steven Covey stated. Also, we get that the quicker you get the loan, the quicker your financial adversities will be sorted. Plus, for the benefit of your finances even after you’ve repaid the loan, you’re in a better position to budget & manage your personal funds.

Applying for your Loan

Getting your loan without a guarantor couldn’t be simpler. After you enter your personal details, income, expenditure and bank account details, they will be sent to our lender’s panel. The loan will be yours after completing these three concise steps:

  • Choose your amount. Use our loan calculator to choose the amount that you require for your loan.
  • Complete the online application. This takes up to 5 minutes to complete all the recommended details.
  • Receive your funds. Once approved, you should receive your money into your bank account the same day or next working day.

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