At PM Loans, we provide an online solution for any financial emergency or need (please note that we may need to contact you via text, email or call in connection with your loan application and any results thereafter). Here’s how it works:

There are no fees to use our service.

We and our lender partners will, if accepted, present you with all the details of the loan you applied for. Your loan repayment amounts and dates will be clear, your original loan amount and your full loan repayable amount will be shown, together with the interest rate. All of this we be shown to you before you commit to taking the loan.

Sustained borrowing over long periods may not be suitable for all customers. We are here to help you manage a short-term financial need. Before you apply, please consider your application carefully to ensure that it is suitable for your needs and that you can afford to repay.

NOTE: Late repayments can lead to serious financial implications, so it is important that you are able to make your repayments on time before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a lender and a broker, PM Loans may perform a credit check against your file once you submit your application. Subsequently, if we send your application to our panel of lenders, credit checks may be made and recorded on your file. If you are being declined for loans and don't understand why, you can check the information credit reference agencies hold about you, and can check your credit score online. You might wonder how it works? When you apply, we'll request your credit score to use with your application details. This and other information will give us the information we need to make a decision on lender to you. That's how we stay a responsible lender. NOTE: Having lots of credit checks done in a short amount of time can affect your credit score, particularly if you are being declined frequently.

The date you repay will depend on when the loan comes through and the repayment terms agreed during your application. You may have a right to repay the loan early, either in full or in part. Please contact the lender for more information. It's not always easy to understand your repayments, but we and our partner lenders try to make it as simple as possible. When you need to know how it works but other lenders won't tell you, visit PM Loans.

Because we work with a panel of lenders as well as lending to you directly, we are usually able to find one who will lend to you, even if you have a bad credit rating. If we can't help, we can signpost you to other agencies who may be able to assist with your debt issues, for example, Citizen's Advice; StepChange; Money Advice Service.

Our rates of interest vary and are dependant upon a number of different factors, including the amount you wish to borrow and the length of time you wish to borrow it for, your personal circumstances, as well as your financial history. To find out the amount of interest your are going to pay for a loan provided by ourselves or one of our lender partners, please refer to your loan documents, you will be shown the amount of interest you will be required to pay each month as well as your total monthly payment amount.

Step 1 - Calculate an amount

Step 1 – Choose Your Amount

Using our online calculator for short term loans, select the amount and number of months. We’ll calculate an estimated repayment based on our loans and lenders. If you are happy to proceed with a full application, click the Apply Now button and move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Complete The Application Form

It’s simple and quick to fill in our form. We will ask you for your personal details, income, expenditure. We’ll also ask for your bank account details. Bank details are only for verification of your identity. These are sent to our panel containing some of the leading UK payday loan lenders. The decision will come back quickly and all online and you will be taken on to the lender’s website to accept the loan and electronically sign the documents.

Step 3 – Get Your Cash!

If you make your application Mon-Fri before 3pm, you could receive your loan funds on the same day. However, if your application is submitted after 3pm or on a weekend, you may not receive your funds until the next available working day. Please note speed of pay-out will vary by lender. If your lender is The Money Hive and your application is completed and received before 3pm, you may receive you funds the same day.

How Much Would You Like?

Representative example: £15,000 borrowed for 24 months. Total amount repayable is £15939.20 in 24 monthly instalments of £664.13. Interest charged is £939.20. Interest rate 5.9% pa (variable), min 3.1% APR, max 1326% APR, min and max term: 12 - 60 months.