Short Term Loan Direct Lender

PM Loans is a short term loan direct lender which means they provide loans to you directly, however we looked at trying to make your life easier, so we teamed up with a great set of lenders, just incase we couldn’t lend to you ourselves. Our lender partners, like us, are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you know you are in safe responsible hands.

A short term loan direct lender cuts out the middleman making sure you get the best rate with funds paid directly into your bank account that same day.

We have listed some key benefits of using a direct lender.

Benefits of using a Short Term Loan from a Direct Lender:

  • quick and simple application
  • No processing fees
  • trusted lender
  • fast approvals
  • money available quickly

PM Loans will also provide you with other options if we can’t provide the loan you are looking as we have a large panel of U.K lenders to turn to.

This will give us access to other lenders that will save you time searching.

We will ask for your permission before forwarding your details with our other lenders.

What can I use my loan for?

You can use a short term loan for multiple purposes, please note that these types of loans should only be a short-term fix and not a long-term financial solution.

Here are some examples for using a short term loan direct lender:

  • House, car and general repairs
  • Emergency money
  • Unexpected medical bills

Can anyone apply for a Short Term Loan?

Absolutely!  short term loan loans are tailored for people with all types of credit, whether you have good or bad credit and in need of a short-term money loan.

Short term loans focus on the affordability of the customer as appose to carrying out the usual method of credit checking.

This gives us a better understanding of your circumstances and a higher chance of getting the money you require.

You must 18 or over with a U.K bank account, in full-time employment and a U.K resident.

If you meet the above criteria then we will welcome your application for a loan short term loan once we have carried out the relevant checks.

Before applying or taking out a payday loan work out your affordability so you don’t overextend your credit.

As a short term direct lender, we promise to provide you with the best service and support.

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