Small Loans for Bad Credit

Life can be unpredictable. You don’t always have the cash on hand you need to take care of emergencies or pay an unplanned bill. Small loans for bad credit is a great solution because you can get the cash you need without filling out a mountain of paperwork from a traditional payday lender.

But what if you have bad credit? Don’t worry, you can still potentially get the funds you need. At PM Loans, we know you’re human — we specialise in helping customers who may have a few dings on their credit report. Whether it’s a small payday loan or debt consolidation, we may have something for you.

What is considered Poor or Bad Credit?

Credit is a measurement of the amount of trust merchants and lenders have that you will take care of financial obligations, such as loans, on a timely basis. If you have poor credit, it means you’ve had difficulty maintaining timely payments or you’ve had a financial problem somewhere along the line. It affects your ability to gain additional credit.

Your credit report is gathered and organized primarily by three credit bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Any time you have a late payment or default on a loan, it shows on your credit report. That number ranges from 300 to 850, with higher numbers representing good credit and lower numbers indicating poor credit.

Can I be approved for a Small Loan if I have Poor Credit?

At PM Loans, we have helped many people with poor credit get loans because we use more than standard credit ratings in our evaluation method. We believe that a credit rating doesn’t tell the whole story. There are many reasons you may have been late on a bill or missed a payment. Even with a steady paycheck, you may not have the funds on hand when an emergency hits.

It only takes a few moments to complete the online application, and we’ll give you an instant decision. If you’re approved for a loan, you may see funds to your account as early a few hours.

How can I use Payday Loans if I have Bad Credit?

Small loans for bad credit is a great solution when you need funds to pay bills, bridge the gap to your next paycheck, handle emergencies and get you out of a jam. You may have considered a typical payday loan in the past, but we’re a better alternative because:

  • We clearly state our interest rates and fees. You won’t be surprised by any hidden fees.
  • You are always aware of the exact amount you have to repay and the due date

Whether you have poor credit or not, we believe you’ll agree we offer a better method to help you gain access to small personal loans for poor credit.

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