Ways to Prepare for Winter on a budget

Ways to Prepare for Winter on a budget

Winter is upon us. Though the colder months bring excitement and festivities, their charms certainly don’t extend to the heating bill. With energy bills soaring, year upon year, many are struggling to heat their homes for a reasonable price and are either freezing or going without other essentials. If you’re feeling the financial pressure or are looking to save some money this year, take a look at our top tips for preparing for the winter on a budget.

Decrease your heating bills

Lowering your heating temperature & wearing an extra layer of clothing can be extremely advantageous to you. It may seem like common knowledge but when applied it’s very useful. Wearing an extra layer of clothing can be a nuisance in some cases but with the financial advantages it weighs out. Heating bill prices can catch you off guard… So, if your heating bill prices are higher than expected, a payday loan could be a short term solution to help tide you over for the month.

Strategic meal planning

Planning your meals is good for assisting your budgeting. It’s typical to set money aside for food expenses each month. But planning your meals allows you to have a more accurate amount on how much to set aside each month. Plus, having your meals planned out, can help save you money and save you from impulse buys. Therefore, you can still enjoy some of your favourite foods without having to compromise your budget.

Reduce your utility costs by switching

We all pay bills for our phone contracts, insurance, internet usage and more every single day. Those costs tend to stay the same or slightly increase. Looking for the same services from other companies is a good way to reduce costs. Other brands may have cheaper offers available. Therefore, switching to another brand can be economical for you. So, if you’re scared to change, think about it and weigh up your options… it could benefit you in the long run.

Add financial planning to your schedule

Budgeting consistently can be prosperous to you. Having a satisfactory budget won’t mean that you wouldn’t need to amend it as time passes. Using your budget to optimal levels means that it will need persistent work. Thus, allowing you to constantly evaluate and improve the way that you spend. Winter is the perfect time to create a monthly budget as the year has just begun!

Use loyalty schemes

Loyalty schemes and cards enable you to save money from some of your favourite places to shop. You earn points after each purchase through an app or a loyalty card. These points are redeemable for an item that would normally have to be bought. When you’re aiming to cut down on the amount of money you’re spending on food, these are extremely useful. Sometimes there will be offers where you can get extra points, be sure to be on the lookout!

Take advantage of the sales

Winter is the best time to take advantage of all the sales that come with the New Year. Taking advantage of them could help you finally afford the trousers you’ve been waiting to buy for months. You can be saving yourself a lot of hassle with your finances in ‘Dry January’ where funds tend to be low in January due to excessive spending prior to Christmas.