6 Month Loan

Looking for a loan has never been easier. With our trusty loan calculator, you can choose 6 month loans that help your financial situation. Continue to be prepared for life’s little emergencies and let us at PM Loans provide you with the helping hand you need.

What is a 6 Month Loan?

In short, a 6 month loan can be repaid within a 6-month period. These loans are a great option when you are able to manage your finances well, do not have a great deal that you need to borrow or for covering any unexpected costs. Such as, repairs to the family car or an urgent job that needs attention at home. They are also good if you have been turned down by your bank, building society or mainstream lenders and need access to funds urgently for an emergency.

How do I qualify for a 6 Month Loan?

If you wish to apply for this loan, below are the criteria for qualification:

  • Should be above the age of 18
  • You must live in the UK
  • Must be in employment or have a stable means of income
  • Have a bank account number and card

How do the repayments work?

Our loans are repaid in almost equal instalments. With similar amounts to pay each month, it makes life easier as you know how much you are repaying each month and can budget for it accordingly.

Here is an example of how your finances would look like:

Borrowing £600 for an EmergencyRepayment 6 Months + InterestRepayment 3 Months + Interest
1 Month£200.00£304.34
2 Months£200.00£304.34
3 Months£200.00£304.34
4 Months£200.00N/A
5 Months£200.00N/A
6 Months£200.00N/A






Note: Repaying your loan in a shorter period of time, will result in your repaying back less interest. However, it is best to be able to repay at a steady pace.

Applying for a 6 Month Loan

When taking out a six-month loan, this is how it works. Firstly, you’ll need to fill in a quick two-minute online application using a form on our website. If your application is approved, either our lenders or we get in touch to arrange with a document to e-sign. Soon after, you will receive your funds, spending it however you’d like to.

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