Online Loans

Looking for a reliable online direct lender? We’re happy to tell you that you have reached your destination. At PM Loans, you’ll be able to get a variety of short-term online loans to suit your financial needs and situation.  As we totally operate online, you won’t have to worry about any long phone calls that will have you waiting. Not to mention, to your benefit, we provide online loans without fees.

Is PM Loans a Direct Payday Lender?

Yes, we’re a direct lender. A direct lender is a lender that provides the loan directly to you, the borrower without a third-party lending partner being used. Though that’s not everything that we are, we are additionally a loan broker.

Being both a direct lender and a broker sets us apart from other lenders in today’s market. The outcome of this is that you can have access to a varied and broad range of products and different lenders. Accordingly, you can seek the right loan to suit both your situation & needs. Direct lenders are independent business entities since they aren’t associated with any banks or credit unions.

How much may I borrow with an Online Loan?

You’re able to borrow an amount as small as £50 or anywhere upwards to £1500. The repayment period can be as swift as a month or be monthly repayable for 12 months. Thus, supplying you with the resilience of payment length and amounts. The interest paid back on the loan depends on the amount you choose to borrow with your online loan. Your current personal circumstances and your financial history will also be a factor in the amount of interest on the loan.

How do Online Repayments work?

We have fair repayment terms and conditions at PM Loans. You can select the time frame to pay back your online loan by. You have the choice of a timeframe between one month and twelve. Also, you will even view the repayable amounts previously to make sure that you’re not caught off-guard by the total repayable amount.

Please be advised that the time frame that you choose can affect the interest rate of your loan as well. We analyse your affordability so it’s certain that you can repay the loan smoothly. Even if we’re unable to offer you a loan we can signpost you to other agencies who might be able to assist you with your debt issues, like the Money Advice Service for example.

Applying for Online Loans

It’s easy to apply for online loans from the comfort of your own home. Subsequent to inputting your personal details, income, expenditure and bank account details, we’ll then pass them on to our panel which includes the leading UK short term lenders.

You will get a decision from us quickly & then will be directed to the lender’s website to electronically sign the documents and receive the loan. Plus, because our application process is online rather than through phones that only operate during business hours, we’re accessible by you to cater to your monetary needs 24/7.

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