Direct Lender Loans

If you’re looking for direct lender loans, look no further than online direct lenders! When an unexpected emergency occurs, payday loans are commonly used to cover your short term expenses until your next payday. If approved for a short term loan, successful applicants can be funded within a few hours!

What is a Direct Lender?

A direct lender is one that allows you to apply for a loan directly with the company, rather than the likes of brokers who work with a panel of lenders. In the case of payday loan brokers, they simply take your information and put it to various direct lenders, acting as the ‘middleman’ rather than the actual provider of the money needed. At PM Loans, we are both a direct lender and a broker, giving you the best of both worlds. As if we are unable to provide you with a loan, our panel of lenders could be of assistance.

Why choose a Direct Lender?

When considering to take out a payday loan, choosing direct lenders comes with a lot of benefits. We, as direct lenders, operate both the application and the lending process which means we make the lending decisions and led the money when accepted. Here are a few reasons to choose a direct lender:

  • Simple Process. Dealing directly with your lender makes the process much simpler, especially when applying for your loan online.
  • Privacy. With a direct lender, your information is shared with fewer people, therefore increasing your level of privacy.
  • Timeframes. Getting a loan from a direct lender can be much quicker as you don’t have to wait for any sort of third party approvals and application processing.

How do Direct Lender Loans work?

You get in touch with a lender (such as PM Loans) and tell them how much you need to borrow and for what length of time. They’ll then tell you the total you’d need to pay back – the loan amount and the interest if approved. If you’re accepted, the lender can send the loan directly into your bank account. In most cases, you could receive the funds on the same day as application.

Apply for a Payday Loan

Our application is based 100% online and starts with filling in a few details to help us understand your circumstances. So that we can properly and effectively process your application. This requires a few simple details:

  • A valid email address and mobile phone number
  • Your home address information for the past three years
  • Detail of your regular income and outgoings
  • Your bank account and debit card information

When you’ve gathered these together, feel free to get started!

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