Keeping Busy In Tier 4

Keeping Busy In Tier 4

After having Christmas last month and a huge increase in cases over the past couple, the tiers are tightening. More and more places around the UK are being placed in higher and higher in the tiering system. But, what does this actually mean for us? The tiering system is based upon different rates, they are separated meaning that some places are less restricted than others. Throughout the past year, it has been difficult to pass time, keep busy and entertained. But, with tier 4 quickly swooping the UK, you may as well take the time to consider some new ways of keeping busy. So, here are a few examples…

Tiers Explained

Each tier has its own restrictions and rules which the public must follow. They differ depending on the severity in the specific area, hence the differences. To find out specifics about each tier, click here.

Video Calls

Video calling, FaceTimeing or something similar is a great way to keep in touch with people over this period. To lower the risk of spreading the virus, the restrictions and tier 4 state that you can only meet one extra person outside. This is great unless you have a large group of friends or family. Nowadays everybody has access to some sort of video call meaning that you can really keep in touch with anybody you would like too. Therefore hopefully you can put some time to one side for some free time.

Meeting Outside

Luckily, in tier 4 we can meet one extra person outside our homes. Therefore, why not consider meeting a friend for a walk outside or something similar. Although you can meet one person outside, everything is closed besides essential shops. Therefore, everything you do must be following the rules of tier 4.


There are plenty of ways you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. Or you could even make use of your garden (even though it may be quite cold). Whether you are a sporty person or not, exercising in your own home may be quite a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. Thankfully, there are plenty of videos online giving us inspiration and motivation towards these activities.

Gain A New Skill

Wouldn’t it be great to come out of this tier with a new skill! Getting creative and putting your mind towards new ideas will pay off in the future. Whether you master the skill of baking, painting or even something as relaxing like reading, it all counts. Not only that, you will feel like you have accomplished something in the time which you have just been stuck at home alone or with your family.

Fix Your Finances

Whether you are still working at home or not, this is the perfect time to fix your finances. In the UK alone there are millions of people whos budget simply do not work. But, that can be changed. With the time and freedom we have over this period, you really have the chance to fix things like this. You do not want to come out of this tier making no changes and risk falling into debt. This could result in you needing to borrow something like a short term loan, which is not advised. So, use your time wisely and keep busy. For more information click here.