£500 Payday Loans

Financial hardships happen when we least expect it… They leave us wondering how we’re going to get through the month whilst we’re temporarily in financial decline. If you don’t have the availability of traditional credit forms, getting £500 payday loans could be the perfect financial aid that you need. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about any nuisance upfront costs as we don’t charge any fees.

Examples of situations where you might need some financial assistance include an auto insurance premium, unexpected bills and property repairs. Such as replacing a broken appliance, plumbing issues or floor restoration.

Wondering if you’re eligible or not?

Here at PM Loans our eligibility standards are simple, applicants must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Must be a resident of the UK
  • Be employed (in some circumstances other forms of income may be considered)
  • Meet the affordability and credit checks that we and our lenders’ request

If you’d like to discuss the eligibility criteria or have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Quick Application Process

The application process for your £500 payday loan is straightforward and swift. Following you entering your personal details, income, expenditure and bank account details, we’ll send them to our lenders’ panel which consists of the leading UK short term lenders. You’ll be notified of a decision quickly and then be directed to the lender’s website to accept your £500 loan and electronically sign the documents.

Also, because the process is online instead and not through phones that only operate during business hours, we’re open to your applications 24/7! Additionally, you’ll need to submit a statement of income and expenditure as well as a copy of your ID (driving licence or passport).

Putting your £500 to use

Payday loans can be a life-saver when monetary setbacks are happening. Our loan solutions are currently designed only for short term financial help. They’re also useful in situations like covering the gap in income between leaving and old job and finding a new one. They’re useful for paying for an unexpected bill, essentials and other necessities such as property repairs until your next payday arrives.

High Acceptance Rates

Don’t be dismayed if you have a poor credit history or bad credit, there’s still a chance to get a £500 loan from PM Loans. At PM Loans we focus on your affordability, so you have a higher chance of receiving your loan.

Why Do I need £500 Payday Loans?

In short, £500 payday loans can be extremely favourable, especially when used carefully with effective planning. We know you want to be financially stable after the loan process is completed. So when we analyse your application, we make sure your affordability is ideal. To the point where taking this loan won’t have a long-term domino effect on your finances.