Payday Advance

Sometimes payday just couldn’t come quicker. Having bills and unexpected costs linger can be the ultimate nuisance. An advance is a perfect resolution for this matter as we usually want advances to take care of short term money problems. Advances are also a useful tool to prove to your credit union that you can borrow and repay monies in a responsible manner. That is if your credit isn’t in the best place and you’re trying to rebuild it. In this content page, you’ll learn why a payday advance may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

How much can I borrow?

We allow you to borrow anywhere between £50 and upwards to £1500. To ensure that you have the flexibility you need, you can customise the repayable period from a quick month to twelve months. Consequently, you get resilience with amounts and payment length. The borrowing amount that you pick will determine the interest on the loan repayment(s). Your current personal circumstances and your financial history will also be a factor in the amount of interest on the loan.

Reasons to get a Payday Loan

You’ll rapidly find that getting a payday advance has various benefits. In fact, there are more benefits related to these loans than just about any other type.

  • Swift Receipt – After approval and the electronic signing of your contract, the funds could be with you within an hour or two!
  • Bad credit isn’t a problem – Instead of just making a decision based solely on the state of your credit, we take your affordability and circumstances into account.
  • Protection & Safety – You’re protected by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as unsecured loans have guidelines that ensure companies don’t take advantage of your money when borrowing from them.
  • Freedom of Usage – We do offer guidelines for expenditure for those who could benefit from budgeting/saving tips. Nevertheless, you can use your loan for anything. Thus, giving you maximum convenience. It can be used for a much-needed car repair. Also to handle unanticipated financial issues for example – freedom is yours.

Why choose PM Loans?

Choosing PM Loans to get your payday loan is better for you as we’re not just a direct lender but a broker too. As a result, you get access to a diverse and wide variety of different lenders and products. Consequently, sourcing the ideal loan product fits both your needs and situation.

Using your Payday Advance

At PM Loans we recommend that the advance is used to cover funds when they’re in an emergency state. So as a last resort borrowing option. Payday advances aren’t an appropriate solution for long term debt issues but can be extremely useful for short-term debt needs.

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