Payday Loans UK

When hardship meets your finances, you may find yourself needing temporary assistance with your funds. A beneficial tool to hold you over financially is payday loans. We at PM Loans understand that you stand in need of a loan that’ll suit your condition and circumstances. This is the reason behind the convenience and flexibility of our loans. Plus, we provide valuable budgeting & saving tips on our blog to help you utilise your blog to maximum capacity.

How much can I borrow with Payday Loans?

PM Loans offer short-term payday loans that can range from £50 to £1500. With our online loan calculator, you can tailor the perfect borrowing amount for your circumstances and customise the ‘to repay by’ period to give yourself the appropriate repayment duration for the loan. You’ll receive the interest amounts on the calculator to ensure you’re not caught off guard by any of the costs of the loan.

What can I use the funds for?

Payday loans’ purpose is to support you in covering and correcting your finances on a short-term basis. They can be a handy recovery method when you’re experiencing minor hardship in your finances. They’re of good use in events like covering gaps in suchlike departing from an old job and finding a new one for example. Best payday loans can also be used to handle unforeseen bills, essentials & to get crucial necessities to allow you to function as usual until your next payday arrives.

Is PM Loans a Direct Payday Lender?

Yes, we’re a direct lender, however, we are also a broker too. Direct lenders will provide the loan directly to you, the borrower without a third-party lending partner being used. However, that’s not all that we are, we’re also a loan broker. This differentiates us from other lenders in today’s market. The result of this is that you can have access to a varied and broad range of products and different lenders. Consequently, you can seek the right loan to suit both your situation & needs. Direct lenders are independent business entities. The fact that they aren’t associated with any banks or credit unions is the reason for this.

How to Apply for Payday Loans UK

Our application process for payday loans is simple and swift. We’ll forward your details to our panel of lenders which contains some of the UK’s leading short-term lenders. The details we require from you are:

  • Your bank details
  • Your personal details
  • Income details
  • Expenditure details

We’ll send your details to our lenders’ panel which consists of the leading UK short term lenders. We do this after your personal details, income, expenditure & bank account details are entered.

You’ll be notified with a decision promptly and then directed to the lender’s website to accept your easy loan & electronically sign the documents. Besides, we’re open to applications 24/7. This is because our application process is online. This is instead of being through phones that are unsuitably open only during business hours. Likewise, it’s required that you submit an income & expenditure statement in addition to a copy of your ID (driving licence or passport).

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