5 Top Energy Savers

It’s that time of year when the weather is slowly getting colder and colder. The heating has been flicked on a couple of times and an extra blanket has been thrown on the bed. Depending on your payment plan, the energy bills start to rise as the temperature outside drops. At PM Loans we know you want to streamline your finances and save as much as you can. Also, savings mean you can avoid having to take out a payday loan in future. So we’ve scoured 5 top energy savers that might save you a penny or two over the winter months.

What are 5 ways to save energy?


According to the Energy Saving Trust, it’s a good idea to turn off lights and appliances when you aren’t in the room and to keep an eye on the number of lights/lamps/TVs/computers left switched on or on standby.

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Ideally to save as much energy as possible, British Gas says it’s best to switch everything off at the wall. This prevents what is known as ‘vampire power’ being drawn into the device when it’s not in use. Smartphone chargers are obvious culprits for this.

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When drying laundry it is always optimal to hang items on a drying rack as opposed to using a tumble dryer as these can cost a lot to run. Ideally its better to hang wet washing outdoors to dry when the weather is fine. If you aren’t able to hang out, pop your rack in a well-ventilated area near a radiator. Hanging clothing/sheets/towels indoors is best done when the heating is due to come on. This prevents condensation build-up in wall cavities, which can trigger mold and damp if there’s no escape for moisture as your items dry.


Using a thermostat or radiator valves can save you plenty on your heating. Thermostats are designed to maintain the overall temperature of your home. This means when the boiler heats your home to the desired temperature, the thermostat will trigger and turn the heating off until the temperature begins to drop back down.

Radiator valves help further by giving control of the temperature of each room in the home, meaning that lesser-used rooms that don’t need to be heated as much can be set to slightly lower temps.

5 Top Energy Savers…


If you don’t have the proper wall or loft insulation or the sort you currently have doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, putting reflective panels behind radiators can help save energy.

However, free insulation can be available from certain energy providers for homes that qualify. Receiving certain benefits and earning £16,190 or less, could prove eligibility for getting over £1000 worth of insulation installed. Contact your energy provider for more info.

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