Are Loyalty Cards Actually Worth It? 

Are Loyalty Cards Actually Worth It?

Over the past few years, money has been a struggle for many families across the UK. From rising energy bills to increased supermarket prices, sticking to our usual budgets is harder than ever. In fact, many people have had to change and adapt their budgets to ensure they fit in with the financial changes. The concept of disrupting your budget and changing your spending routines can soon lead to overspending and debt if mistakes are made. Therefore, it is important to pay extra attention when changing your financial behaviour. One concept many people have begun using more commonly is loyalty cards. As competition between different industries has increased, many companies have introduced loyalty cards for customers to use when shopping. Typically, loyalty cards will be free to sign up for, giving customers the opportunity to save money. As well as win prizes, and earn points.

What Are Loyalty Cards?

Many businesses and shops offer loyalty cards to customers to help them save money whilst offering incentives to continue their support. As mentioned before, competition within different industries is constantly rising, meaning that many businesses are being forced to close down. So, in order to gain a higher market share, more businesses are creating loyalty cards and loyalty schemes to increase customer loyalty and spending. Most of the time, loyalty cards are used in a point system where shoppers scan the card when making a purchase, and points will be added to their account. As their points increase, they will unlock new benefits and rewards.

Why Are They Useful?

With the cost of living crisis and increasing prices, affording the basic essentials is made even harder. Thankfully, many companies have extended their loyalty point schemes to equate to a specific amount of money. For example, it’s common for shops to offer 1 point for every £1 spent. So, if you shop regularly and purchase everything you need, your points will soon increase. Therefore, helping you to save money in the long run. Unnecessary overspending can soon lead to financial difficulties, if you find yourself struggling why not consider a payday loan?

Top Loyalty Cards

When we think of the most popular, cheapest supermarket in the UK minds often argue between both Aldi and Lidl. In fact, according to the ‘Which?’ monthly surveys, the two often move between first and second place. So, if you’re somebody who likes to keep the prices particularly low, shopping here might be one of your better options. Luckily, Lidl has a loyalty programme that enables customers to save every time they shop. Lidl Plus also offers treats and digital scratch cards to keep users engaged.

Another popular loyalty card is the Boots Advantage Card, which enables customers to collect 3 points for every £1 they spend. The scheme offers 10% discounts as well as the opportunity to unlock exclusive offers on specific product ranges.

Similarly to Lidl, Boots is another shop that has much importance in our daily routines. Whether you’re wanting discounts on suncream for you and the family this summer, or simply searching for your hygiene essentials, having the ability to purchase at a discounted price will soon help your budget.