How To Save Money On Your Weekly Shopping Trip

How To Save Money On Your Weekly Shopping Trip

With the rising food prices in 2020, you may find your shopping trip is a little more expensive than usual. Despite that, most of us are guilty of overspending and overbuying when we go to the supermarket. So here are five tips on how to save money on your weekly shop!

supermarket isle filled with foods

Plan Before You Shop

One of the best things to do whilst trying to save money when doing your weekly shop is to plan exactly what you are going to buy. This way you will not overspend on things you do not need. The easiest way to do this is to write down a list or make an organized spreadsheet including everything you wish to buy. Once you are in the shop you should stay on track to make sure you do not purchase anything you do not need. This might seem a little bit tedious at first but it will prevent you from buying items you don’t need and prevent waste.

Cook From Scratch

Cooking from scratch saves a huge chunk of money. In the UK, one in ten families have a takeaway every single week, with that money spent on a takeaway, you could probably make over 6 meals for the family. Although buying ready meals and takeaways is simple and quick, you will save a large amount of money by making home meals.

Don’t Shop Whilst Hungry

Shopping whilst hungry will make you more likely to buy food you don’t need, meaning it will probably go to waste. Along with this, they are more likely to spend money on less healthy foods which are not as filling as other things.

Alternative SuperMarkets

A cheaper way to get food is to shop at your local supermarket. Typically local shops tend to be cheaper than the big named supermarkets making them a better option if you are wanting to save money. This way you are also supporting the local community.

Go Straight To The Isle You Need

If you. head straight to the isles which you need, you will be less tempted by all of the other things in the shop as you will not see as many items. This way you are saving money and saving waste. You should definitely avoid the offer shelves if you have planned your trip as you will be more inclined to pick items up and buy them because they are cheap.

Other Help

Sometimes we find ourselves needing a little bit of extra cash to purchase foods during this time, especially if your wage has lowered due to the current circumstances. Therefore here at PM Loans, we can help you get your hands on the payday loan you need.