How To Survive on a £10 Budget Daily

How To Survive on a £10 Budget Daily

Saving money and sticking to budgets for the long term financial benefits are way easier said than done. You’ll find that it takes a lot of self-discipline, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. If you’re one to spend cash unknowingly, then living on a £10 budget could be a good challenge for you!

How a £10 Budget could benefit you

Sticking to a budget means being alert to how easily money can slip away but working to combat that. It may not be easy at first but we’ve got you covered though. By learning how to survive on a £10 budget, you’ll learn how to gain willpower and only buy what you can financially afford. Taking note of how much money you’re spending and on what is a great way to start. To make it easier you could download a free app that tracks it for you since the technology’s at our fingertips nowadays.

Keeping on top of your nutrition

Your nutrition is and will always be a top priority. But to make sure you nourish your body on a budget, here are some useful tips.

Firstly, plan out your meals beforehand – that way you’re able to buy the exact ingredients needed. Instead of throwing unused ingredients away, unused food and herbs can be frozen usually. Next, get to know what’s already in your cupboards; it’s likely that you can create a meal with what you already have. To ensure your getting the most out of your budgeting strategy, price check online for the products that you want. Supermarkets are constantly competing for the best price reductions – so see who has your favourite items at the cheapest prices.

Maintaining and staying active

We’re really lucky to be living in this technology-charged era. It allows us to maintain fitness in the most advanced ways yet. Gym memberships can be costly and some even cost more than double your daily budget of £10! This may seem difficult seeing as you want to find out how to survive on a £10 a day budget.

Don’t fret though – we’ve got the resolution you need. As spring is about to set in you may be aiming to get the ‘summer body’ that you deserve. This goal is still attainable. See what fitness routine videos are available online, that way you can reach your goals in your home’s comfort. Not to mention, there’s a ton of free fitness apps available on app stores of all platforms. Cutting down on junk food can kill two birds with one stone as your body and pockets benefit from it. If indoors isn’t your preference, take a visit to your nearest park, you can get fit and connect with nature too.

Break those bad habits

Smoking can gradually turn into an expensive habit. Quitting it can do wonders for both your lungs and your pocket. We do understand that quitting it overnight isn’t exactly easy, but slowly and surely cutting down can truly help. For example, if you’re smoking two packs a day, cutting it down to one pack will still make a difference for you. Not to mention, it’s the single greatest cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK. And we want you to be here and healthy for as long as you can be.

Change up your transport methods

If you’re behind the wheel every day, switching your transport methods can work in your wallet or purse’s favour. Walking, biking and even taking the tram every now and can help you to avoid the stacking costs of petrol/diesel. Plus you’ll be doing your bit to help save the world whilst you’re at it.

Not to mention, if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise, you can great deal of cardio in. You can do this on your way to and from work so your daily routine isn’t as altered if you’d rather not change it. Doing this makes learning how to survive on a £10 a day budget a piece of cake.