Short Term Loans Direct

If you promptly need cash but hate the idea of having a loan lingering for ages, a short term loan may the resolution you need for your money issues. We understand that you need a short term loan to fit your circumstances. One with a short duration that goes as quick as it came once payday returns again. Short term loans direct is are unsecured loans that are scheduled to be repaid in less than a year.

How much money can I borrow?

We provide short term direct loans that range from £50 up to £1500. By using our online loan calculator, you can custom the perfect borrowing amount to fit your conditions and customise the ‘to repay by’ period to give yourself the suitable repayment period for the loan. You’ll instantly receive the interest amounts on the calculator to guarantee that you’re not surprised by any of the loan costs.

When would I receive the loan?

To your convenience, you’ll get a response from us on the next working day. And that’s only if you don’t get one on the same day after your loan application. We get that you may need the loan to have urgent matters taken care of at a quick rate. So, for the benefit of your finances even after you’ve repaid the loan, you’re in a better position to budget & manage your personal funds.

Repaying back your loan

Our conditions for short term loan repayments at PM Loans are fair and concise. The time frame to pay back your loan by is up to you as you get to choose the time frame. The time frame you choose can be between one month and twelve. The repayable amounts will be presented to you beforehand to, so you’re not caught off-guard by the total repayable amount. Additionally, please be informed that the time frame that you pick can have an effect on your loan’s interest rate.

We evaluate your affordability so there’s the assurance that you can pay the loan back at ease. Even if we’re unable to offer you a loan we can signpost you to other agencies who may be able to assist you with debt issues, such as the Money Advice Service for example.

How to apply for a Short Term Loan

Applying for your short term PMLoan is easy. Just fill in our brief and simple application form. The information we require from you allows us to confirm your identity. This ensures the assurance that you and only you get access to your loan and the information about it. Additionally, the info allows us to confirm the status of your credit. This, in turn, allows us to properly evaluate your affordability to analyse if you can repay the loan.