How to Keep Fit on a Budget Without the Gym

How to Keep Fit on a Budget

In 2020 it can be quite expensive to stay fit, maintain and reach your ideal body. It can also be quite cheap too, depending on the methods you choose to use. Read on, and you’ll learn some really simple, budget-friendly and efficient methods to sustain fitness in the new decade.

Download fitness apps

Lucky for us, in this digital age, we can literally get an app for anything. This doesn’t exclude fitness either, you can manage your fitness from your phone nowadays. If you’re an iPhone user, you can find out how many steps and flights of stairs you’ve walked on the health app. Even though a lot of the apps will require a subscription, apps like Nike Training Club (available on both iOS & Android) has tremendous classes and is completely free, plus they offer workouts of all categories.

budget ways to lose weight and stay fit

Participate in indoor workouts

Over time, working out indoors and slowly and quietly evolved as with smart TVs and boxes like Apple TV. Now we’ve got the luxury of being able to access YouTube on our TV’s and watch a full workout and emulate it in the comfort of our living rooms. Plus, to make it interesting, you can participate with a sibling or friend and have a great time on a budget at the same time.

Look for free sports facilities

Another way to maintain your fitness whilst enhancing your funds is to check out the free sports facilities that are closest to you. Amazingly, it doesn’t take a lot of effort, you can google ‘free sports facilities near me’ and you’ve found your answer. You’ll see at least the closest three sports facilities where you’ll be able to get closer to having the ideal body you deserve.

budget ways to lose weight and stay fit

Make your own gym at home

It’s usually thought that the ideal home gym is equipped with expensive equipment but that doesn’t have to be the case unless you want it to be. There’s plenty of budget-friendly equipment available and retailers such as Powerhouse Fitness, allow you to purchase and pay on finance. In case you do prefer your ideal gym with higher class equipment but aren’t currently financially able to make it to as high of a standard that you like, you could start to upgrade to better equipment as you become increasingly financially prosperous in the future.


There’s a variety of ways to secure and maintain your ‘Summer body’ all year round. Some methods may cost you, but they can be cheap if you plan and strategise how you’re going to keep your fitness. Don’t forget your phone (if it’s a smartphone) will most likely be preinstalled with apps to help you manage and keep fit (like Apple’s Health app). If you would like more budgeting and saving tips, feel free to browse our blog page.